What is this site about?

This site has been developed to help people to sharpen their mind and improve their ability to think outside the box. In short this site is a gym dedicated to the wellness of the mind. Publisher recommends at least one puzzle a day to rev up the brain cells.

What this site contains?

Puzzle with step by step solution : hones analytical and logical  skills Pattern :  sharpens the creative skills Speed Math : improves speed and makes math fun Kids’ corner : contains activities, moral stories and answers to frequently asked questions by the kids.

Awards and Recognition:

The site has been recognized by Australian Education department, American Library Association and has been rated "A+ for its content" by the education world website. Being a free website and a publisher with limited resources, the website couldn’t have been promoted but for the generous support of media. Your valued feed back is more welcome to further improve the site for the benefit of one and all. WISHING YOU A PLEASANT JOURNEY,  ENJOY THE SAME WITH YOUR CHILDREN. Are you ready for a brain work out?

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