Two digit number

A car is traveling at a uniform speed.

The driver sees a milestone showing a 2 digit number.

After traveling for an hour the driver sees another milestone with the

same digits in reverse order.

An hour later he sees another milestone containing the same two digits

with a zero in between .

What is the average speed of the driver?


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  • Natarajbabu:

    Realy supper

  • John:

    He sees the first milestone, 16.
    An hour later he sees 61, 45 miles away.
    Another hour and he’s at 106, again, 45 miles away.
    The answer is 45 MPH.

  • A Ravi:

    I don’t think the answer is correct. When the driver sees the first mile stone showing 16, that means the distance to travel is only 16 miles. How can he see another milestone showing 61 again? and another showing 106? Is this not wrong? When we keep driving the distance should actually come down and not go up.