Power of seven

  A lonely fort was being desperately defended against thousand of attackers.

The attacks came regularly at noon every day, and defending commander knew he had to survive only three more days for then would come the end of the attackers calendar and they would all go home to celebrate , giving time  for his reinforcements to arrive. 

The attackers has got a strong belief , in power of seven. If  they see seven or multiple of seven along each side of the port , it is not a good omen for the attackers , they will run back after firing few bullets.

With three attacks to come and only 24 defenders , he places his defenders as follows: Five along each wall and one in each corner.

The attackers saw seven defenders in all sides east¸ west, north and south. They ran back after firing some shots. In that process the commander lost four of his men.

How can he rearrange the remaining 20 so that by noon of next day there will be 7 defenders on each side ?

On the third day the commander  managed to save the fort only with 15 soldiers. How? 


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