Halwa shop

There is a Halwa shop , in South India.
Halwa is a very delicious sweet, sold in pockets, only for two hours in the evenings.
On a particular day 2 men, Jack and Jill ordered sufficient Halwa pockets to cover 
their probable requirements .
Jack ordered and paid for 5 pockets 
of Halwa and Jill paid and ordered for 3 pockets.
The shop closed its sales for that day.
At that point of time, Joe their old friend approached and 
requested them to share the eight pockets of halwa between them.
The friend thanked the two  and paid 8 Rupees towards payment for the
Halwa he consumed, asking them to share the money in proportion to the quantity of
sweet they have contributed to him.
How should this money be equitably divided between Jack and Jill ?

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