Pool competition

Pappu, Nandu, Mammu and Choti participated in a pool competition

1. There are totally 15 balls.
2. For each ball potted, the player will receive one point.
3. They all play each other once.
4. The game will end when all the balls are potted.
5. The winner will be the player who scored most points.

Outcome – Result
1. Choti finished with 18 points.
2. Pappu finished with odd number of points.
3. Mammu beat Choti by 5 points.
4. There was one point difference in the match between Nandu and Pappu.
5.  Pappu scored twice as many point as Mammu in their game.
6.  Choti scored one point less against Pappu than he did against Mammu.
7.  Mammu scored 7 points against Nandu.

Who won the competition and how many points did each player score?

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