Cop and a thief

A man was being accused of having stolen certain valuable jewels and
trying to run away with them, when he was caught by a smart police
officer who overtook him.

In cross examination the lawyer for accused asked the police officer how
he could catch up with an accused who was already twentyseven (27)
steps ahead of him, when he started to run after him.

"Yes Sir", the officer replied.  He takes eight steps to every five of mine.

But then officer, interrogated the lawyer, how did you even catch him, if
that was the case?

That is easily explained sir, replied the officer.  I have got a longer stride
….two steps of mine equal to his five. 

So the number of steps I required were fewer than his and this brought me to the spot where I captured him.

Can you  find out how many steps the officer needed to catch up with the thief?

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