Magic pond – 3

Mani and Hari are thick friends.  

When Mani and Hari shared their magic experience with their grand fathers,

they also told them about their experiences of two magic ponds.

One day one of the grand fathers went to the magic pond with some flowers numbering more than 10.

He dipped the flowers in the pond only to find that the number of flowers squared.

He was so happy and offered as many flowers to the idol as his age and returned to the pond.

He dipped the rest of the flowers in the pond again and found the number had doubled now.

He offered the same numbers of flowers to the idol as earlier and then dipped  the remaining flowers again in the pond.

Now to his surprise, number of flowers halved.

He counted the  flowers  and found it was exactly his age.
He offered that to the deity and went back home happily.

Can you find the age of the  grand father?


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