Men and coconuts

10 men landed on a deserted land.
There they found lots of coconuts and a monkey.
During the first day they gathered coconuts and put them all at one place.
They have decided to divide them into ten equal piles , the next day.
That night, one man felt so hungry .
So he got up and decided to take up his share earlier.

He started dividing it into ten equal parts and he found one coconut  short.
He  also noticed  the monkey holding a coconut in its hand.
He tried to take away that. But in that process the monkey killed him.

After some time , another man got up and found his friend ‘s body.
Then he started dividing the coconuts into 9 equal parts.
He also found one short  and tried to grab the coconut from the monkey
and in that process he too lost his life.

One by one, they lost their lives in that process.
The last man with out disturbing the monkey had the possession of the whole pile.

Your target is to find the minimum number of coconuts in the pile, not counting the one  with the monkey.


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